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A stunt scooter is a type of scooter primarily designed for doing stunts and tricks while normal scooters are designed for kids who just want to cruise along the streets, playground or paths along the park. Stunt scooters usually have t-bars, metal cores in the wheels, durable and are more expensive while the traditional ones are lighter, have foldable handlebars and are generally cheaper.

Here are few steps to install the stunt pegs on a scooter.
First, take two Allen metric measuring 5 mm and pull out the original bolt. Then, choose the side where you want to place your pegs and put the bolt the other way. Push the bolt to pass the spacers and bearings and put the nylon lock inside. Lastly, torque it with a 6mm Akken and 13mm socket wrench.

Stunt pegs are used to achieve jumps and other stunts which is not possible for kick scooters that lacks a peg. It is done either by using the rider’s foot to push down or pull up on the pegs to achieve a lift or kicking it in any direction to make a spin.

A stunt scooter is a specific term for a scooter specially designed for doing freestyle stunts and tricks. It is intended to be stronger than a traditional scooter and is more expensive. Its handlebars are not adjustable to prevent it from moving while landing a jump and its wheels are smaller, designed for a short burst of speed. It has a heavier and robust steel deck that can withstand pressure.

If your stunt scooter bars wobble, it might be an indicator that some nuts, bolts and screws need to be tightened up because they tend to lose over time. Just grab your hex key or Allen key set and a screwdriver with right head or smaller spanner set to tighten it. Just don’t overtighten it or else you’d up damaging the threads or making your handlebars too stiff.

Stunt scooters are not foldable because the folding mechanism can become a point of weakness for a scooter, especially when subjected to an impact while doing stunts at skateparks. Thus, scooters with folding handlebars are not stunt scooters.

To find the right scooter size for you, measure the distance from the ground to the person’s hip height, including the navel height. Then, find a scooter with a height of somewhere in between your hip and navel. Some skilled riders prefer scooters with high setup while others prefer low. So basically, it depends on your taste and what you’re used to.

There is no weight limit for a scooter, but we advise not to exceed from 110 kg for each scooter to ensure a safe drive and make you comfortable.

Madd Gear is a well-known, and respected stunt scooter brand and they offer a good variety of scooters that you can choose from that can match your style. They produce good quality gears that suit scooters riders of all age. 

To find the ideal scooter width for you, measure the width of your shoulder. It’s a pro tip to find out what works best for you that can make you feel comfortable while riding. The general rule of thumb is to get scooter bars which are a little bigger or a little smaller than the width of your shoulder. So ideally if the width of your shoulder measures 20 inches, a 21-inched scooter bar is perfect for making you feel at ease.

Scooting is a good exercise regimen to help you get into shape effectively. According to the recent study scooting for 45 minutes burns an average of 350 calories an hour which is equivalent to a weight loss of around 1 pound a week. It also provides an aerobic workout without the fuss of going to a gym, buying sportswear or getting too sweaty.

The general rule of thumb when measuring the height of a scooter is to let the scooter bar to sit around the hip to the waist while standing on the desk.

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