Tech Deck Fingerboard Starter Kit and Board

Ideal first set: Signed Board, 4 ramps, 6 connectors and training clips for the skateboard that will really help your little beginners.


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Tech Deck Fingerboard Starter Kit and Board


The Tech Deck Fingerboard Starter Kit and Board is an excellent purchase as a birthday gift or any gift for your children. The starter kit is recommended for children ages six and should give them hours of fun. Any Tech Deck set is great, but the starter kit is a great way to get them exploring the different things they can do with their tech deck. That’s because the starter kit is effectively a fully kitted miniature skatepark that can be assembled with many different combinations with not only the skatepark pieces but the Tech Deck that it comes with. The Tech Deck included is a pro skateboarder’s signature skateboard in fingerboard form from DGK’s Stevie Williams.

The starter kit comes equipped with four different ramps and multiple connectors to make for more fun and different setups for each use. One of the best features of the package is that the ramps have a concrete look to them to make their appearance real. The starter kit includes trainer clips to provide your child with the ability to learn and catch air from ramp to ramp. Trainer clips have not been around for too long, but with their introduction to the Tech Deck world, using a fingerboard will be a bit easier as there will be fewer mistakes.

This specific product is similar to other Tech Deck products but is just a beginning to a collection. The starter kit, like any other Tech Deck set, can be paired with each other to create countless combinations and potentially a masterpiece of a Tech Deck skatepark (if they get really into it). Though this kit only comes with four ramps, with other products of the same Tech Deck brand, stairs, half-pipes, and rails can easily be added to make for more fun. Along with combining the skatepark pieces, one of the best things about owning Tech Decks is the boards and creating a board to your style. The Tech Decks may come with their design, but the wheels and trucks can be changed to your child’s chosen style.

The main purpose of this product is as a toy for kids and more than a few big kids, but it can also be seen as a collectors paradise for others. If you are looking for a gift, it may be worth checking this out as they bring joy to many a pair of idle fingers and help many others unleash their creativity as they create different styled skatepark and fingerboards.

Overall, this is a great product from a trusted brand and ideal as the first Tech Deck purchase. Especially if they love to skate but can’t always be outside. Check out our other great Tech Deck add-ons as well.

There are a ton of decks and accessories to collect! If you want real skate graphics from real skate companies, then it’s got to be Tech Deck — start small, go big and collect them all!

Pack contains:
Tech Deck Starter Kit is for skate-lovers ages 6+. No batteries required.
Each pack includes: 1 Tech Deck Board, 1 Quarter Pipe, 1 Launch Ramp, 2 Kicker Ramps, 6 Connectors, Trainer Clips


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