Madd SHATTERED Zip Hoodie's

Madd Gear‘s range of eye-catching, and trendy skatewear has now been expanded to include this shattered zip hoodieAll products are made exclusively for MGP, and include custom labels, tabs and swing tags for all items.

  • Large print to front
  • Printed hood lining
  • 330gm Brushed fleece

Madd SHATTERED Zip Hoodie's


Madd Gear’s range of eye-catching, and trendy skatewear has now been expanded to include this shattered zip hoodie

It’s a hoodie with swag! Made from brushed fleece and cotton, this MGP hoodie can make you feel comfortable while scooting and covers your arms to add a little protection from scrapes. 

This hoodie is made exclusively for MGP scooters, and it includes custom labels, tabs and swing tags for all items.

Features of Madd SHATTERED Zip Hoodies:

  • Made from 65% and 35% Cotton Mix

Feel more confident and comfortable with this cottony and breathable hoodie designed for the cool kids. So you can look and feel confident at the skate park and hanging out with mates.

  • 330 gm Brushed fleece

With the brushed fleece material, this hoodie feels soft and snug. It does provide a bit of extra warmth during cold weather too, so it perfectly suits our UK winters.

  • Large print to front

Since this product is made exclusively for MGP scooters, you can find a cool, large print at the back of the hoodie and a small logo in the hoodie’s front. 

  • Printed hood lining

The printed hood brings more life and an added cool factor to the whole clothing, and it absolutely suits boys and girls with an adventurous personality. 

  • Zip up fastening

No more hassle in wearing this hoodie because you can zip it quickly and you’re good to go. 

  • Halloween Skater

We find this particular hoodie is a real favourite for an alternative Halloween costume for those wanting to make just the right amount of effort on the 31st October.

Why Choose Madd SHATTERED Zip Hoodie?

  • Comfort 

Since our Madd Shattered Zip Hoodies are made of soft cotton material, they can make feel comfortable even when you’re doing tricks at your indoor and outdoor park.

  • Stylish

This Madd Shattered Zip Hoodie is an excellent addition to your wardrobe as it is stylish and trendy. Great for kids that want to stand out or put their hoods up to disappear.

  • Versatile

Another significant advantage of MGP Hoodie is that you can wear it with anything. It can be an alternative to a sweater, and this sports hoodie will keep you in style whatever you’re up to. And because it’s black, it goes with everything.

Madd SHATTERED Zip Hoodies’ FAQS

  • How much does it cost?

This Madd Shattered Zip Hoodie costs

  • Do your prices include VAT?
  • How can I order?

To order, go to the page of the product. Then, on the right side of the photo, you’ll find an option for size and colour, choose the size and colour based on your preference. Lastly, hit add to basket add your details, select your mode of payment and place your order. 

  • How much does the delivery cost?

The delivery cost is reasonably standard but can vary depending on your location.


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