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scooter maintenance

Kick Scooter Maintenance – Fixing Tips and Guide

Need a DIY fix or just not sure where do begin this guide will cover the majority of queries we get.  Does it wobble when …

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Scooter tricks

10 Easy Scooter Tricks for Beginners

Have you tried scooting and seeing other riders showcasing some crazy tricks? It might be jawdropping, and it might encourage you to do more than …

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Young Boy Riding Scooter Along Street To School

Health Benefits of Kick Scooter: Why Scooting is a Good Exercise

Do you want to stay fit and burn off that junk food without going to the gym or evening spin classes? Then kick scooting might …

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Kid on Scooter

Kids Scooter Buying Guide 2020

Are you looking for the best scooter for your kids? With thousands of scooter design choices online and in local stores, choosing the perfect one …

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Little girl and scooter


Are your kids/grandkids telling you that they NEED to buy the best stunt scooter, but you’re not quite sure what this means? Has your little …

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Everything your little skaters need

Girl Wearing Safety Helmet Riding Scooter
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